Delivering intelligent commercial interiors.

Smarter outcomes require strategic thinking, and that’s what we provide: a considered response through our proven approach to discovery, design and delivery.

For more than 40 years, we’ve been trusted to create the workspaces people need to achieve brilliant results.

Sensa is renowned for office fitouts and commercial interiors that enhance performance, improve productivity, foster teamwork and, ultimately, deliver a positive return on investment.

Our Story


Workspaces that make sense – that’s why we’re here. Making sense also defines how we do things. A clear process, refined over many years to deliver project outcomes with zero defects.

We call this methodology the SensaARC. It’s how we’re able to provide more insight, more value and more certainty to our clients. Here’s how it works:


We begin by taking a strategic workplace consultancy approach to understand your business best. Prioritising strategic planning from the outset allows you to navigate the complexities of office design with clarity and purpose.

How We Discover
- Stakeholder consultation
- Complete site survey
- Workspace strategy analysis
- Top-line cost analysis
- Project timeline planning


A strategic approach ensures that every design decision resonates with your business’s values, goals, and cultural intention, with flexibility considered to accommodate changing needs.

How We Design
- Optimising space
- Supporting hybrid working
- Fostering collaboration
- Enhancing employee wellbeing
- Elevating brand representation
- Increasing sustainability


Once the design is signed off, our construction team transforms your vision into reality. We deliver fast and accurate design execution. We also significantly reduce your risk, as we take entire responsibility for defect-free construction.

How We Deliver
- End-to-end project management
- Design management throughout
- Project risk management
- Comprehensive WHS systems
- Zero-defect management

Meet the people
behind our projects.

Our people bring not only years of experience in commercial interiors but also a passion for innovation. We’re always thinking ahead – since that’s exactly what our clients do when they engage us.

Meet the team
We have helped many businesses create thriving workplaces, we would love to help you too.
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