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Whether planning for a new space or refurbishing your current space, the right commercial office furniture is integral to creating an inspiring office. Because we’re not locked into one supplier, we can source and deliver the best quality furniture that meets your needs, brand, and budget.

Commercial furniture experts

We’re one of Australia’s leading suppliers of commercial office furniture, with an extensive range of solutions as part of our end-to-end approach from design to fitout.

The Sensa Difference

We’re independent

As an independent commercial furniture provider, we’re not locked into a single supplier. This means our clients can choose from a wide range of furniture that suits their functional needs and aesthetic vision. We source commercial furniture from trusted manufacturers both locally and globally.

Tailored to your business

The right commercial furniture is critical to an office’s design, functionality and staff satisfaction. We work with you to understand your zones, workstations, seating, tables and joinery, and we consider every element from your design aesthetic to ergonomics and compliance.

Supporting health and wellbeing

Staff comfort is vital to individual performance, and correct ergonomics are key in reducing fatigue and absenteeism. We’ll discuss sourcing commercial furniture with ergonomic features such as seating posture, sit-to-stand workstations, adjustable monitor arms and other accessories.

Design for minimising acoustic disruption

Open and collaborative workspaces can create a challenging acoustic environment. That’s why, when choosing commercial furniture, we pay careful attention to each work zone and select soft furnishings, screens, and other acoustic accessories that reduce disruption throughout the workspace.

Task-specific office furniture

To maximise productivity and employee satisfaction, an office environment requires task-specific zones and furniture within those zones. Our end-to-end methodology ensures every need is accommodated to ensure your staff are productive, well-supported and safe, with furniture that meets your vision.

Environmentally sustainable commercial furniture

When you choose commercial furniture by Sensa, you choose environmentally sustainable solutions. An internationally recognised GreenStar sustainability rating approves our commercial furniture supply, and most pieces are designed using products that support sustainable manufacturing.

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